United Nations Jobs: All You Need To Know To Get A Job With UN

UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré
Aerial group photo of staff in Geneva simulating the Sustainable Development Goals logo on United Nations Staff Day in October 2016.

August 27, 2019

Working as a staff member in the UN Secretariat gives you the opportunity to work in a dynamic, multicultural environment.  The 41,000 staff of the United Nations, who come from its 193 Member States, are from many backgrounds, and have varied experience.  It is an exciting and unique challenge to be part of such a working environment, because it leads to a broader understanding of all the world's countries and cultures. The UN welcomes applications from nationals of all of its Member States and strongly encourages women to apply.


The world looks to the UN for solutions to complex problems. The issues the UN deals with are as diverse as the careers it offers.  Its work touches every challenge humanity faces, from peace and security, to human rights, humanitarian work, development, and more.  Working for the UN is exciting and rewarding, because you are not only working for the UN.  You are working for humanity.  You are trying to make the world a better place to live in.

  1. Where to Apply
  2. What are you doing for peace?
  3. Human Resources Information
  4. Competitive Examinations
  5. Associate Experts Programme
  6. Headquarters Internship Programme
  7. Working in the UN system
  8. Warning to Job Seekers
  9. Volunteer

Note: Do not pay money for any UN advertised jobs. Use only links from Un sites such as these directed from LPS website. 

To see full details about available ways to apply and vacancies: 

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