Caleb University Campus Fellowship (CUCF) Holds Special Service

By: Esther Jemiseye   May 16, 2019   0404AM

On Sunday 11th May, 2019. At Caleb University , Imota Ikorodu, HMGFS Executive Director was one of the special guest as one of the panelist for the Caleb University Campus Fellowship for their Sunday service . The CUCF holds a special service once every semester the theme was " ...and they were naked " the panel consist of Mrs Ladega, Pastor Ebenezer and his wife, Professor and two other lecturers.

The in depth interpretation to this theme came in different perspectives from each guest speaker, even the professor and others. The HMGSF ED and other speakers said being naked could come in different forms,  and she related it with personal experience. It be in form of not listening to parents, outer pressure,  lack of patience, transparency, going naked before God, and as husband and wife they should both be naked to each other in everything they do etc .

The topic became more centered on marriage, how to choose right , what is expected of the young people before marriage, emphasis on marriage being the only right place where sex is right before God. The students were excited because It was an impactful service,  interactive, educative as the students students kept on asking questions on different matters on marriage and other related questions where the panelists and a parent gave an extensive answers.

The service came to an end while some of the students took the advantage to meet with some panelists for counseling , as we have professional counsellor amongst them.

Esther Jemiseye


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