Jubriel Kabir Kantoma

By: Mustapha Bello 30/1/2019   1:54pm

It was a shinny day on January 24, venue, kaduna township stadium, there was so much expectation and frenzy in the air as supporters of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar of PDP kept pouring in from in and outside kaduna, it was a huge event that promised sending down shivers down the spines of APC as a party, among those thousands of crowds made up of several Atiku Supporters was young Jubriel Kabir Katntoma. 

Jubriel Kabir Katntoma until his assassination was the Kaduna Youth Leader of Atiku Support Group (ASG), he was full of life and optimism, waiting to catch a glimpse of the Man that will save the country from its current malaise. Alas, little did young Kabir know that was going to be his last day on earth. 

He was reportedly stabbed several times by suspect APC hoodlums. This singular act of political violence was one taken too far. It was even more surprising as there is no reason for such since it was an all PDP affair, however political venues as usual are always filled with all manner of characters. 

This however throws up another important issue which centers around security for supporters of politicians. Adequate security should always be taken serious especially in a state the party do not have a governor. 

While mourning Kabir, we should work endlessly to stop this evil cycle of political violence. Kabir's assassination should be the last as we progress into the election proper. 

The Support Group Kabir belongs to (ASG) is still in shock and mourning as it finds it difficult to come to terms with the demise of one of their active members. The group totally condemned the assassination and called on necessary authorities to fish out the perpetrators of such heinous act of barbarism. 

When our correspondence visited authorities of the Campaign Organization and the Group Kabir belongs to, they expressed sadness over the ugly incidence and have even indicated that His Excellency Atiku Abubakar has been properly briefed.  
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