Unveiled: Reason Why APC Has Gone Quiet

By: Mustapha Bello

There has been an unusual quietness in the APC Media Camp. So deafening is the silence that it attracted the attention of our investigative journalists who started making inquiries as to why APC media handlers have suddenly gone quite and underground.

It was not difficult to get to the root of the matter as our informants embedded within the APC Media Team informed us that the sudden unveiling and launch of a new media outfit called Namtari Media has really unsettled APC as a party and its media team.

When asked why Namtari Media's emergence is causing so much confusion within APC, we were informed that it is because it is one media that knows the truth behind APC's lies and propaganda, it was also revealed that millions of Nigerians especially in the North will soon know the truth about who Atiku Abubakar is and why Nigerians need to escape from APC.

We shall keep Nigerians posted as more on Namtari Media is unveiled, so far so good; Namtari Media is now the source of real and verifiable news that is winning hearts and minds both in APC and PDP with strong inroad in Kano.

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